Create customized reports

Building and establishing the automatic delivery of key reports is one of the first actions in the administration of a managed print program.

Create efficient reporting


Track device details

The device grouping of reports allows you to track device details such as age, status, uptime, alert history, utilization by volume or speed, the total cost of ownership, and how green devices may be.


See all account details at once

Accounting reports enable you to easily visualize all the important details about every account you manage. Additionally, you can report on DCAs per account and import/export the account information you need.


Accurately and reliably invoice your customers

Within our meter reporting functionality, you can complete audit comparisons, report on all meters, and run a single-day report to capture everything from a specific account on a specific day.


Detailed charts

Our chart reports are simple visuals displaying the top and bottom of your fleet volumes, mono and color volumes, manufacturers, fleet average utilization, mono and color fleet average, and as well average for manufacturers.


Report on managed or unmanaged devices

As with meters, supplies management is extremely important to all your device contracts. Our supply reports let you report on managed or unmanaged devices, providing several options that to highlight supply levels at different percentages remaining, down to 5%.


Manage user data

Printanista Workflow is our user management capability and is fully integrated into Hub, our device management functionality. This means that you can easily report on user usage, volume, application, and timing analysis without having to leave Printanista Hub.



Export data for vendors

Empowering you with the ability to export data for your other vendor solutions can be found in the Partner reports functionality. This ensures you can configure and adjust, as necessary.


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