Print Management capabilities for Azure Virtual Desktop running on Azure


Printing is a fundamental task in just about every office and small business environment. In order to take full advantage of Azure Virtual Desktop, and provide a great end-user experience, a core component is solving how to conveniently connect users to printers with minimum effort and maximum reliability. With Printix, you can ensure that you get the most out of Azure Virtual Desktop through SSO, silent configuration, updates and continuous monitoring of your print environment.



Automatic & reliable printer discovery

Whether mobile, BYOD, or managed device, your printers will appear automatically without fail. Printix seamlessly automates the creation of print queues and installation of print drivers.



Azure AD integration

With SSO using Azure AD, Printix leverages the Microsoft credentials to authenticate seamlessly and directly against Azure AD.



Azure Ad Groups

Use Azure AD groups to control access to printers and deploy printers based on users’ group membership.

How it works

Printix tenant is created using a Microsoft work account. Next, Printix Client is deployed via Intune to the endpoints which then take a blue-print of your print infrastructure and current settings. Local printers are installed through Printix inside the VDI. The user simply selects a printer queue and Printix takes care of the encrypted transport of the document without the need of VPNs, servers or any other hardware.

Enhanced printing features like secure printing, print anywhere and mobile printing are enabled off the shelf. Read more here>>



The benefits of using Printix on Azure Virtual Desktop

Printix analytics tool integrates with Microsoft Power BI so that you can gather & analyze printing data on everything (device, printer, user) that may impact your end-user experience, business productivity and savings when using Azure Virtual Desktop. 


IT visibility

Printix Administrator web interface provides centralized access to all users, printers and usage, including printer status, paper and toner levels. In addition, you can monitor how your resources and services are performing to help meet KPIs.


Cost savings

Printix saves on the cost of infrastructure and support. Being a true cloud SaaS platform, you only pay for active users under a low-cost monthly or annual subscription, with significant discounts for Not for Profit, Education and Enterprise customers. Printix saves both you and your customers time and money.


Business productivity

Reliable, secure and mobile printing from office, remote and BYOD is solved, ensuring increased productivity that enhances the customer experience.



From your computer, tablet or phone you can easily delete documents you did not need anyway. Without Printix such documents would go straight from the printer’s output bin to the wastepaper basket without having been used.


Optimal end-user experience

Regardless of User, Group, Location or make and model of printer, when users access Printix with SSO, they can now confidently print without calling on IT support. As you gain clear insights to activity, your workloads will decline in support, thus optimizing return on investment for everyone.


Printix Modern Workplace Printing on Azure Virtual Desktop


Printix for Azure Virtual Desktop is based on our existing cloud-native platform. It’s meant to connect hosted AVD environments to local print environments while enhancing the overall user experience in general.

Printix is an Azure-integrated printing service (SaaS) which handles printer assignments and printer queue creations for local and network printers. Organizations can deploy the Printix Client onto their AVD hosts and configure its printers.



As a Preferred Solution, Printix is also available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.