Scan to any of these destinations. No PC needed!

SharePoint users, check out our dedicated SharePoint scanner HERE

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    Mobile Devices
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    Usb Devices
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    Box/Dropbox/Google Drive/Evernote
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    PC and Mac
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    SMP Network Shares
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    Contact us for Office Infomation

Dedicated and Customizable Document Scanning Kiosk

The Plustek eScan SharePoint scanner optimizes your SharePoint document management by letting you add metadata directly to the scanned document before saving it into the library. Individual logins with custom presets make document scanning efficient.





Ideal Business Tool For Your Digital Transformation

The ease of use and flexibility make eScan ideal for almost any vertical application.

  • pc_less_standalone.jpg
    PC-Less, Standalone Network Scanner

    No PC or  server needed!It connects to your network via WiFi or Ethernet.

  • support_sharepoint_office365.jpg
    Supports Office 365
    • SharePoint
    • OneDrive for Business
    • OneNote
    • Outlook
  • support_sharepoint_on_premises.jpg
    Supports SharePoint On-Premises Server
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2019
  • support_microsoft_services.jpg
    Supports Other Microsoft Services
    • Exchange
    • Azure File Storage
    • SMB 2.0
    • SMB 3.0
  • barcode_recognition_embadded.jpg
    Built-in Barcode Recognition

    Supports up to 12 barcode types, including both 1D and 2D barcodes (QR Codes). With a few configuration user can rename document and split documents with ease.

  • scan_watermark.jpg
    Scan with Watermark

    Adding a watermark to your personal or corporate scanned documents helps ensure confidentiality of your documents. Create logo, image, or text watermarks under the configuration menu in a few taps!

  • support_metadata.jpg
    Supports Metadata

    Supports all SharePoint library metadata fields. Users are automatically prompted to enter metadata before documents are uploaded directly to the destination on the eScan interface.

  • administrator_management.jpg
    Administrator Management

    Stress-free management. Simple configuration can be made quickly and easily to prevent unauthorized access scanning. Unique profiles can be created for various single-touch scanning task.

Outstanding Image Quality

Built-in image processing ensures high quality images and small file sizes.

  • removepunchhole.png
    Punch Hole Removal
  • addwatermark.png
  • pdfa.png
  • removeblankpage.png
    Blank Page Removal
  • splitblankpage.png
    Blank Page Split
  • ocrsearchablepdf.png
  • scanupto28inch.png
    Long Paper
  • compressiondensity.png
    Compression & Density