Features that make Signing documents easy

The Certificate of Signing Gives strong evidence of signing which captures the IP address, Browser details, Google Maps Location, Device details and many more of the signer/signers. The Certificate of Completion proves to be proof of signing when in conflict.





Sending documents for signing

Cygnature lets you upload documents from various platforms, set advanced options when sending document for signing like reminders, due date, etc. You can create groups to send document to sign or you can even send multiple documents for bulk signing.


Maximum Signiture Types

With Cygnature users can chose type of signature from various types depending on the authentication you would be needing and type of document that has to be signed. Cygnature has maximum types of signatures from Simple Electronic signature to highly secured Digital and Biometric Signatures.

LIVE Cygnature

LIVE Cygnature is an exclusive type of signature available only on Cygnature. It lets you sign documents LIVE like signing person using a webcam, Microphone and Screen sharing. The whole LIVE Cygnature session gets recorded and the recording is available as a proof of signing.

Ease of Use

Cygnature is so easy to use that in just 4 simple steps users can sign documents under 1 minute. All features are designed to give an intuitive and seamless signing experience. With Cygnature users can sign documents using any device like a laptop, Mobile or Tablet.

Document Verification

With Document Verification feature of Cygnature users can verify the documents before signing and check the document is not tampered with and any changes are not made to the document. Document verification can be done before signing and after signing of the document.

Blockchain Security

Cygnature provides Blockchain security to the documents by giving a complete audit trial of the signing transaction recorded with all timestamps and location. All details of signers are captured when signing the document and are given as a proof on the certificate of completion. A unique hash id and document ID is generated after successful signing of every document.

Integrations that are easy

The Cygnature APIs allow you to integrate e-signing features with your website, mobile apps or CRM platforms quicker and more secure than others. The developer-friendly APIs breaks through the ice of development cycles, cross-platform barriers and language support, so that you can get signing from anywhere, anytime!