Document Capture Automation Software


Successful digital transformation starts with the capture and extraction of the business-critical information you receive every day and then putting that information into motion to feed your record management system.


Enterprise Record Management Software Vendor


Enable organizations to manage business more efficiently by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of your business information with GlobalSearch record management software.


Business Process Management Software


A document workflow automation solution that enables users to map document activities, from data capture to archival, for end-to-end process visibility.


Web Forms Management Software


Extend document automation by capturing critical information effortlessly with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive processes.

Integrated Solutions


Square 9 integrates with existing business applications, office equipment and third-party software.

Design a Webform

Quickly and easily create custom web forms through a highly intuitive drag and drop web platform with a user friendly look and feel. With decorators and test views, web forms are easily formatted within desktops, tablets and smartphones. No coding required to add images, calculations, conditional properties, images, language localization, and more, simply point and click to add these features.

Collect Data

GlobalForms is integrated with the GlobalCapture platform allowing you to leverage the power of capture workflow processing. When a web form is submitted, collected data is automatically populated onto other forms, streamlining the entry of repetitive information.

Automated Workflows

Once the data is captured users can easily create and define custom workflows with automated commands for routing web form field data for further actions. This includes sending email notifications and circulating for approval.

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