Printix makes it easy for system administrators to automatically build, deploy and manage a cloud-based print infrastructure and remove print servers in 3 easy steps.


  1. Install Printix Client on the Print Server

  2. Deploy Printix Client on all computers

  3. Remove Print Server



Building a Printix Cloud Managed Print Infrastructure

When you download the Printix Client software and install it on the print server, we make a blueprint of current print environment details in Printix Cloud. Rest assured, we do not change or delete anything on the print server.



Printix Discovery

Printix detects the nearest router and records MAC addresses

Printers and print queues are discovered and registered in the Printix Cloud

Print drivers are registered for each print queue on the print server






Deploy Printix Client to computers

Any print queue that previously printed via the print server is now converted to direct printing.

Print queues that point to registered printers are now managed by Printix.

All other print queues that point to printers not discovered by Printix are left untouched.


Remove Print Server

Before removing the print server verify that shared printers can be paused and the server does not have additional roles.

Before vs Now – What has changed?



The user experience for printing is essentially the same. A Printix icon appears in the Windows notification area and introduces convenient release of Print later or Print Anywhere jobs at a specific or any printer.


From an IT management perspective, cloud deployment means less ongoing management since infrastructure is now managed from the cloud.





On Premise Print Server


  • Print via shared print queues
  • Print drivers distributed from server
  • Manual maintenance and updates
  • Single point of failure





Printix Cloud Services


  • Print as usual, now via local print queues
  • Print queues, drivers and configuration now managed from Printix Cloud
  • Automatic updates
  • Removes single point of failure




Impacts of transitioning to Printix Cloud

  • Centralized print queue management
  • Self service printer installation
  • Save on infrastructure and support costs
  • Eliminate WAN traffic related to print jobs
  • Track user and usage statistics
  • Track printer statistics
  • Flexible and secure printing
  • Unlimited scaling at no extra cost