Intelligent Print Management Simplifies Workflows

Output Manager allows an organization to automate document workflows and failover of printing, prevent release of sensitive information, and provide secure release of documents to print devices. Output Manager processing is transparent to end users and allows granular administrative control over user capabilities, and special processing for specific document types. Secure document release can be achieved directly at multifunction device (MFD) panels, through web browsers, or from tablets or smartphones.



Increase productivity by simplifying print workflows.



Keep confidential data secure with stringent security.



Ensure compliance by securing sensitive data prior to printing.

How Output Manager Can Help


Stringent Security Standards

Tighten information security with document inspection and transformation. Keep confidential data from printing and utilize mobile authentication and watermarking.

Powerful Workflow Tools

Simplify and automate time-consuming workflows, centralize print management and normalize incompatible document formats and print streams.

Highly-Scalable Architecture

Whether you’re a small businesses or a large enterprises with multiple offices and thousands of devices, Output Manager easily adapts to the needs of any organization.

Robust Mobile Capabilities

Provides mobile workforces with multiple ways to authenticate and securely print, capture, process and route information from mobile devices.

Simplified Management Tools

Spend less time configuring the print environment with web-based administration and template-driven configuration tools.