Work from Home with Printix

This functionality enables employees to print on home office printers when working from home on their work-authorized laptop.

Home office printing is enabled by making a group in Azure AD with the relevant computers. Company IT can then easily manage and control company-related printing on employees’ home office printer.


Making it easy for remote workers to print to home printers

  • Easy to onboard home workers via SSO (Azure AD)
  • Fast for company IT to deploy with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Print queue for home printer added automatically on company laptop
  • Home office networks uninstall automatically if not used in two-months
  • Separates personal printing from company printing
  • Data can be used to reimburse employees for company printing on personal printers
  • Track company printing printed on the home printer

Work from Home. Print from Home.


Many of our customers are moving rapidly to enable secure remote work during the current crisis. We want to make sure you have everything you need to enable printing from home.

The features you get when using Printix will help you on your way to improve productivity and reduce costs in provisioning printing for all user groups across all locations.

There are more ways to support remote workers printing from home to company printers.