Signing documents

Cygnature allows the users to sign documents using multiple types of signatures. A user can choose any type of signature based on the sensitivity of the document & level of authentication that is required from the signer.


  • Capture user’s electronic signature
  • Draw e-Signature
  • Select predefined signatures
  • Upload signature image (Supported formats: jpeg, png)

Sign documents with hardware key using the digital signing certificate issued by certification authorities.

User can sign/authenticate with biometrics using:

  • Thumbprint
  • IRIS
  • Face

Sign documents with globally accepted certified signatures with a digital certificate.

Sign documents with your Aadhaar number in India, UAE Pass and Oman PKI.

With Cygnature sign documents over webcam, as if signing in-person with screen sharing, audio, video & recording enabled.

Sign documents as a guest without the need to login. Experience seamless and hassle-free signing.

Sign with Cygnature aesthetics and have a proof of signed document on Cygnature.

The original signatory of the document can delegate the document for signing run-time to other signer.

Optional signing is a signing method where signatories do not necessarily sign the document, one of signer can sign the document.

With the co-signing option 2 signers of document can sign the document by logging in from just signer 1 account using OTP authentication.

One user of Cygnature can assign documents to other signer for signing in event of signer 1 absence.

Users can decline to sign a document by giving a reason.

Self-sign the document while placing placeholder for signatures.

Generate e-Stamp online instantly in few easy steps and sign the merged document with Cygnature.


Sending documents for signing

Cygnature lets you upload documents from various platforms, set advanced options when sending document for signing like reminders, due date, etc. You can create groups to send document to sign or you can even send multiple documents for bulk signing.


Uses can upload file formats like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt .ppt, .pptx.

Users get an easy to view detailed document track with document history & timestamp.

User can create re-usable document templates, map the document parameters run-time & send for signing. The template is exported as an XML file which can be imported by any other user.

Users can upload & send documents from Google Drive, Drop Box, browse from local drives too.

User can set the document signing order from sequential or parallel signing order depending on the requirement.

Users can set observers to certain documents. An observer will be a person who will observe all the signing process like a passive witness.

Users can set custom signatory fields like initials, company, location, date and more.

Users can send private messages to the signers if they want to convey some important information to signers.

User can create personal contacts or groups to whom they want to send documents for signing.

Users can set advanced document options like reminders, due date, document validity etc.

Save documents as drafts and continue sending in future.

Comments allows the users to exchange notes in context of a document directly within the signing experiences.

Form fields can be dragged on the document so if signer of document needs to fill certain information while signing, he/she can do it.

If the uploader of document needs information on signer about initials or company name or anything else he/she can drag the signing fields to the document.

Signers can send documents to number of signers at a same time for signing.


Security and Blockchain stamping

With Cygnature you get Blockchain security to the documents where all activities on a document are stored on blockchain and all activities on the document are tracked & time-stamped.


OTP authentication through mobile number & email Id to login for account security & access.

While preparing the document for signing, user can mandate the location for signing document for the signers.

Know exactly where user has signed the document. Captures the GPS location of a document signature, whether it’s from a home computer or from a mobile device.

Captures user’s browser & version details.

Captures device name, OS and its version like Windows or Mac etc.

Logs the entire signing process with timestamp in the Blockchain transaction & document activity along with block details & hash.

Allows users to verify documents before signing and also after signing using document hash , transaction hash or document ID.

A certificate of completion will be received at the end of signing process that has all details of signers like IP, browser, device & location etc.

E-mail & mobile no. verification for true user credentials & identity before signing up for a account.

A complete transaction will be recorded that shows the document history and its version before and after signing.

E-mail & mobile no. verification for true user credentials & identity before signing up for account.

With Cygnature add QR code to the documents to verify the signed document whenever required.

Verify the legality of digital signatures and get a complete hierarchy of the signature validity of certified or hardware sign.

Verify the document from a URL that is publicly available. Check the document certificate of completion and check all details of document.

If the uploader of documents enables this option then the guest signer will be authenticated using a OTP which is sent on his/her email ID.


Mobile application

With Cygnature mobile application users can sign documents from anywhere in the world and anytime within 60 seconds. The mobile app supports various features and options which gives them a simplified signing experience.


Easily sign documents on Cygnature mobile app as a guest, there is no need to have a sign up account.

Easily sign documents on Cygnature mobile app as a guest, there is no need to have a sign up account.

Send documents for signing from mobile app using Google Drive or Local Drive on your mobile phones.

Sign documents on mobile devices using Cygnature mobile application with a electronic signature.

Cygnature e-Signing mobile app supports multiple types of documents like .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .pptx etc.

A complete log of all activities that happen to the document like signing, commenting etc.

A certificate of completion will be received at the end of signing process that has all details of signers like IP, browser, device & location and more.

Add/create contacts or groups to send documents for signing. Create a group when document is to be sent to frequent signers.

View all notifications from Cygnature for documents, signing, or other signers.

Verify the documents after signing using transaction hash, Blockchain hash or document id.


Admin management

A quick and easy to view admin access that allows users to see all activities, profile section, documents, manage subscriptions, etc. in minimum clicks.


User can sign up using international mobile no. and will be allowed to select time zone display preferences.

User can have read only access to the documents of other verified Cygnature users.

Users will need to send document access request to the other designated users to get access to their documents.

Feature access based on user roles & privileges for corporate accounts that will limit their users to certain features as per their request.

Manage or upgrade your subscriptions for the paid plans. Pay for the packs you purchase.

A quick statistics based on documents’ status for quick actions on documents.

Add/edit contacts & contact groups to select as signers to send documents for signing.

Bulk import signers list, so that the same copy of document is sent to multiple signers.

Calendar that displays scheduled due signatures & live signatures details for quick response and action.

User can decide for how long a document can stay on Cygnature platform post signing the document.

User can send the completed documents to Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox after signing the document so as to save the copy of document.

Once the document is signed the document can be removed from Cygnature if user decides so to.

Users can configure the global sign/certified sign of their organisation in the Cygnature application

Track the usage activity of your organizational users using this report. Get details of usage activity pattern of the users for documents, templates, and signature usage of different signature types and other user information.



Cygnature pricing is open and easily available allowing users to sign up for a free trial and upgrade themselves to the paid plans.


Users can start with a 30-day free trial anytime using email id and password.

A license plan that will be assigned if you don’t want to purchase any plans.


Help and support

Cygnature has a quick support system that is available for your assistance whenever users need help or support.


For every issue raised Cygnature will have a support ticket, so that all issues will have a TAT and ticket number.

A user can request for a demo before starting to use Cygnature and our team will arrange for the same.

Readily available tutorials to get a thorough knowledge on signing/sending documents on Cygnature.

Cygnature application provides you with a support email & phone number.